Always smile…


Love is…

Love is when you’re having the worst day

But when you look at them all the pain goes away

Behind your smile

I always wonder if sometimes I become a reason behind your smile

Crazy in love with you

Smiling for no reason is a sign of craziness

You made me smile for no reason

So I must be crazy in love with you

Everything you are

My only problem is; YOU

I love your name, I love your face, I love your smile, I love your voice

Simply, I love everything of you

You messed up everything

Just when I finally wasn’t looking anymore

Just when I was okay with the fact of being single

Just when I was getting over my broken heart

You came into my life and messed everything up

You are my everything

It’s you. The one who mean everything to me…

You are the first thought in my head in the morning when I wake up

You are my last thought before I go to bed

You smile at me in my dreams

When you are sad, I fell sad

And when I see your smile, I feel incredible

Like there is no other thing around and all I can see is you