Stay with me forever

You know I can do everything you want

Just ask

But give me one favor. Please stay with me forever

She’s the only one

I wanna be the girl that he talks to his friends about

I wanna be the girl that always comes first

I wanna be the girl he never wants to leave alone

I wanna be the girl who’s hand he’s holding

I wanna be the girl he look at and smiles and then says to his friend

“That’s Her. My only one.”

You messed up everything

Just when I finally wasn’t looking anymore

Just when I was okay with the fact of being single

Just when I was getting over my broken heart

You came into my life and messed everything up

And even though

And even though you lied

And even though you pretended to care

I can’t seem to get you out of my mind

And even though it seems like I should be over you

With every tear that falls, it reminds me of how much I am still in love with you

Too close


I’m scared of getting too close to anyone, because those who said that they’ll always be there for me, left.

Love people who makes me laugh


I love people who can make me laugh, when I don’t want to.

No way to coming back


Once you walk out of my life, the door locks behind you.