Being cool is Nice

Bring The Rain


Leonardo da Vinci ft Adelle

Kyaaaaaaaaaa!!! Finally ganti theme juga >_<

Terima kasih banyak untuk m’punya BluChic yang bikin Adelle. Ternyata Adele gak cuma punya suara merdu, tapi bisa menghias blog saya jadi simply the BEST kekekeke~

Nah, dengan postingan ini saya lampirkan juga header cantik yang saya nemu di mbah google :mrgreen:


Nothing back


My Mistake


I made so much mistake today.

First is I missed you so much.

Second is I still miss you.

And the third mistake is I will always missing you.

Always smile…


Don’t care anymore

True love? I used to believe it existed.

But when you’ve had your heart torn out and thrown on the floor, you just don’t care anymore.

Ask me why I keep on loving.