Sekali lagi mencintaimu


Jika aku belajar untuk mencintaimu lagi

  Maukah kau berjanji?

  Tidak akan membiarkan aku pergi seperti kemarin

 Untuk mempertahankan diriku di sisimu, Selamanya


I Promise

I promise to love you like I’ve never been hurts

I promise to trust you like I’ve never been lied

I promise

No matter what happens in the future

When you look back

You can always find me there


Someday, when words become meaningless

When your began to doubt me

Please believe, that my heart will never changes

Every prayers I made, every think i things is all about you

And my heart is only for you

Behind the reason

The best feeling in the world

Is waking up knowing someone already miss you and waiting to talk with you

Thank you for every person who become the reason behind your smile

And they who deserve your love

Too afraid

I’m afraid to give you my all

I’m afraid to love you completely

Because maybe you just try to play me before you drop me

I will fall so far and never be able to recover again

I wish I could see the ending sometimes.

So I would know if I should hold on to you and keep going or just let it all end before I get up too high.

No pain anymore

Forgive me God, because i always preconceive about her

Forgive me God, to let our good memories erased by lies and anger

I did not mean to go on like this

I just try to be no possibility of getting hurt again

[Lyrics] H.O.T. The Promise Of H.O.T.

The Promise of H.O.T

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