Biar aku bersamanya


Aku tidak pernah merebutnya.
Pertemuanku dengannya jauh setelah kalian memutuskan untuk berhenti berjuang.
Jadi relakan aku bersamanya kini.

Always smile…


Best thing ever happen

When I tell you I love you

I don’t say it out of habit, or to make a conversation

I say it to remind you that you’re the best thing that ever happen to me

I Promise

I promise to love you like I’ve never been hurts

I promise to trust you like I’ve never been lied

I promise

No matter what happens in the future

When you look back

You can always find me there

Maybe one day

It wont be easy to love me

Maybe you’ll get tired one day

Maybe you’ll change your mind one day

But with a little faith in me, can you please trying?

To hold my heart and keep it intact?

Would you believe?

If I said I love you

Would you truly understand?

Can you believe?

If I give you all my heart

Would you keep it?

Can you hold my hands and never let it go?

There’s no future without you

If the future is without you

I’d better have no future

Because I don’t want to be anywhere without you