Love is…

Love is when you’re having the worst day

But when you look at them all the pain goes away

Choose to stay

Even if you push them away

People who truly love you will always choose to stay

I Promise

I promise to love you like I’ve never been hurts

I promise to trust you like I’ve never been lied

I promise

No matter what happens in the future

When you look back

You can always find me there

You messed up everything

Just when I finally wasn’t looking anymore

Just when I was okay with the fact of being single

Just when I was getting over my broken heart

You came into my life and messed everything up

Your destiny

I want to be the one.

I want to be the person that touches your heart and makes it skip a beat.

I want to be that person whose arms make you just melt.

I want to be the person that your destined to be with.

Won’t catch me


Protect me, love me, kiss me, hug me, hold me, smile with me, laugh with me…

But don’t make me fall if you don’t plan to catch me.



Lyrics Romanji English Translation

Haruman nibangui chimdaega dwegoshipo
Oh baby
Deo dasuhi pogunhi nae pume gamssa ango jaeugo shipo
Aju jagun dwichogimdo
noui joguman sogsagime
Nan ggumsogui gwemurdo I gyonae borir thunde.

Naega obnun noui haru
oddohge hulloganun gonji
Narur ormana saranghanunji
nan nomuna gunggumhande
Noui jagun sorab sogui
irgijangi dwego shipo
Al su obnun noui gubimirdo
Nae mamsoge damadullae no mollae. Continue reading “[Lyrics] TVXQ/DBSK-HUG”