Hello, will you hold me?

Moon in the dark

I want to have someone who I can lean on too
But, I have no one

Though I’ve been in the darkness
Inside my blooming scars
Will you hold me?

Though I’m just the hero of my own dreams
The fairy tales from unknown stories
Will you hold me?

Though years passing by with nothing to remember
Or the memories are only the pain
Will you hold me?

When many people
With many hardship
Were lean on each other as they face tomorrow

I keep look away from the lies
So there no lose anymore
Though I have no one

Will you hold me?

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Feel my presence

Baby, will you closed your eyes for a while?

And feel my presence who try to hold you for remove my longing

Maybe one day

It wont be easy to love me

Maybe you’ll get tired one day

Maybe you’ll change your mind one day

But with a little faith in me, can you please trying?

To hold my heart and keep it intact?