Bahagia kita


Bahagia itu seperti ini, Sayang.
Aku yang dengan bebasnya bercerita soal dirimu, tanpa mereka tahu siapa yang sebenarnya kuceritakan.

Bahagia itu seperti ini, Sayang.
Kau yang mencintaiku sepenuh hati
Dan aku yang memujamu sepenuh jiwa raga.

Bahagia itu seperti kita, Sayang.
Yang walau terpisah tak akan pernah hancur.
Karena kita bisa tanpa satu sama lain.

Bahagia itu,
Yah beginilah, Sayang.
Hanya ada Aku dan Kamu. Bukan Kita.

Menurutmu, tidakkah ia pantas disebut bahagia?

Not the only one

You are my everything

It’s you. The one who mean everything to me…

You are the first thought in my head in the morning when I wake up

You are my last thought before I go to bed

You smile at me in my dreams

When you are sad, I fell sad

And when I see your smile, I feel incredible

Like there is no other thing around and all I can see is you

Ways To Be Happy

The best way to get a happy thoughts is to count every graces you received. Not to counting the money you got.

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Light after the dark

We can’t always be above, because sometimes life is painful

But there’s no reason to surrender. Just like a rainbow after the rain

There also happiness in front, only slightly covered with clouds

That’s why believe is an important thing