Hujan bulan Juni

Setahun telah berlalu sejak itu. Namun hujan di tahun kemarin selalu membekas di hatinya. Ketika itulah hidupnya yang dipenuhi kabut kebohongan terselamatkan untuk pertama kalinya. Pada hujan di penghujung Juni, ia akhirnya menyadari bahwa perlahan luka yang menoreh hati berangsur pulih.

Seseorang menggenggam jemarinya, erat, hangat, dan banyak cinta mengalir naik dari saraf-saraf di antara jari-jemarinya. Ia menoleh, memandang pria berkemeja hitam yang duduk di balik kemudi mobil di sisinya.

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Fall all over again


I don’t think people can fall in love over and over again to one person, like they did on the first time.
But some people actually prove it.
Proving that somehow, true love can actually exist.



Keep this love in a photograph
Where our eyes never closing
Our Hearts are never broken
And times forever frozen

Dark cloud within red eyes

Ever been there

Love that it comes in such a way

Like a fantasy

So beautiful

But, beautiful never last

Nothing last forever or too long

See the dark cloud with her red eyes who has crying a lot

Gaping wound in every inch of her body

And wish time could heal the pain

Last potrait

Someday… When the time came apart

Will you take my last picture?

Because it won’t change no matter how long time passing by

Though we were change

One Night Only

I just want a night to spend with you

Needless forever

Just one night. Could I?

My deserted nights

Is there any memories of you that I could keep forever?

So even if we apart one day

You still be able to accompany my deserted nights

Pay it forever

I’d told you, it would be hard for loving me

But since you said it’s oke, then you have to pay it forever

Maybe one day

It wont be easy to love me

Maybe you’ll get tired one day

Maybe you’ll change your mind one day

But with a little faith in me, can you please trying?

To hold my heart and keep it intact?


Someday, when words become meaningless

When your began to doubt me

Please believe, that my heart will never changes

Every prayers I made, every think i things is all about you

And my heart is only for you

Stay with me forever

You know I can do everything you want

Just ask

But give me one favor. Please stay with me forever

Now and Forever

There are only two times I wanna be with you… Now and forever!

Your destiny

I want to be the one.

I want to be the person that touches your heart and makes it skip a beat.

I want to be that person whose arms make you just melt.

I want to be the person that your destined to be with.


Love doesn’t mean anything if you’re not willing to make a commitment

[Pics] TVXQ/DBSK Gallery #1