[Lyrics] Shinhwa Destiny Of Love

흔적 (Destiny of Love)
Heun Cheok

Music: Lee Minwoo
Lyrics: Shin Hyesung
Rap/Narration Making: Eric

Yeah I want you to listen closely to what I have to say
first thing you left me The next thing I got nothing
everything was gone with you check it

눈을 뜰 수 없는 아침이 오기를 바래왔었지만
nuneul ddeul su opneun achimi ogireul parae wasseojiman
Although I used to hope that the morning would arrive
아픈 그리움에 몸부림치며 또 울고 있는 나
Apeun keuri ume momburimchimyeo ddo ulgo itneun na
But I tremble from my sad longing and I cry again Continue reading “[Lyrics] Shinhwa Destiny Of Love”

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