BEST for who deserve you


You can’t be good enough for everybody

But you will always be the BEST for the one who deserves you


Smiling for no reason

Sometimes i caught myself smiling for no reason
Then i realized i was thinking about you


Someday, when words become meaningless

When your began to doubt me

Please believe, that my heart will never changes

Every prayers I made, every think i things is all about you

And my heart is only for you

You messed up everything

Just when I finally wasn’t looking anymore

Just when I was okay with the fact of being single

Just when I was getting over my broken heart

You came into my life and messed everything up

Your destiny

I want to be the one.

I want to be the person that touches your heart and makes it skip a beat.

I want to be that person whose arms make you just melt.

I want to be the person that your destined to be with.