Someday, when words become meaningless

When your began to doubt me

Please believe, that my heart will never changes

Every prayers I made, every think i things is all about you

And my heart is only for you

[Lyrics] H.O.T. All Alone

All Alone


sae ga dwi eo seo nar soo it na cheo ha neur eur


nae ga eo ryeot seur kkae

se sang eh hon cha nam kyeo chin chae

nae chak eun eo ggae eh sar eur chir eo chi go sar eot seo

geur reoh ke cha rat seo

ha chi man koor pok ha chi an ko na reur po at seo

eon che na noon moor ro go peun pae reur chae weot seot ko

ee go dong ar ah choor sa ram eop seot ko

se sang ee sir eot seo ha neur eur oo neo mang haet seo

geu reoh ke na eui sar eur sar ah gat seo

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