Another lies

I Love You…

I Love You…

I Love You…

My heart constantly hurts everytime I said that.

Not because I’m too afraid to hear the wrong answer from you.

But, I’m scared to hear another lies.

Falling too deep


I’m afraid to hurt you with my selfish.

I’m afraid you going mad at me.

I’m afraid you will regret ever knew me.

I’m sorry…

I guess the things I feared the most was the fact that I could fall deeper. And there’s no way out.

Too afraid

I’m afraid to give you my all

I’m afraid to love you completely

Because maybe you just try to play me before you drop me

I will fall so far and never be able to recover again

I wish I could see the ending sometimes.

So I would know if I should hold on to you and keep going or just let it all end before I get up too high.

Too close


I’m scared of getting too close to anyone, because those who said that they’ll always be there for me, left.

you afraid to lose

I wish I was a girl you were afraid to lose