[Recap Shim Ji Ho] Frozen Flower

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I guess i’m too diligent for make up my promise for watching Frozen Flower to seen Shim Ji Ho 😀

My opinion about him still same. He just too cute to be true ❓ no, i’m kidding. His not that cute, his HOT!! 😆 Seung Gi (Shim Ji Ho) was a bodyguard who get jealous at chief bodyguard Hong Lim (Jong In Seong), King Boyfriend. To get the King attention, Seung Gi willing to kill without mercy. If before i hate his character, now i’m crazy to see him kill more people hahahahaha XD

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[Final Opinion] Rules Of Love


How come someone being so cruel like that? Kim Geum Young are you stupid!??? Oh my HEART T____T My Jae Min T____T My Love T_________T He’s sooo kind of person. And sadly good person always end with bad ending 😥

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LOL means Lots Of Love


This really unexpected movie 😆

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[Lyrics] The Call

“The Call” by Regina Spektor

Closing song from Narnia Prince Caspian

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