Dear Mother…
You may see me as a leftover woman, and that makes you worried.
But, i have a little dreamt about marriage that only my heart know what it is. I’m not picky like all people think about. I do realize, life is short and somehow no ones could ever be ready for something, so rather do it or not at all. But, life isn’t that short anyway. And the picture i have to spent it with the wrong person, have to admit it’s terrified me a lot. I’ve been doing you wrong from the beginning of my life, how can i do it for the years coming by giving you a wrong son in law?
Like everyone else, i wish for one and long lasting marriage, and i need a partner who could be my leader in this world and make me closer to jannah. Right now, i just preparing my self. So when he comes, he’ll knows i am ready.

Mother, may Allah bless you with a good heart son in law, and bless me with a loving partner. Love you as always 😘

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