I miss a lot of things


I drink a lot of coffee lately. Guess i try too hard to remember your smell that resemble from a cup of a black coffe. And surprise how much a cup of coffee brings a lot of you. I remember your laugh, your smile, your eyes, your lips, your voice, your hands, your hair, your chest, your belly, and still remember how you used to taste. I miss having a conversation with you, fight for the silly things, and made up with one kisses. I miss having a night walking with my hand in your hand, and my shoulders againts yours, i miss the “sepanjang jalan kenangan” lyrics you onced sang after we spend some time at café. I miss the way you kiss my upper head everytime i pretend to fall asleep anywhere i could. I miss the way you call me with a nickname you gave. Anyway, i miss a lot of things. Mostly your existence. Wish you well sweetheart, wherever you are, whenever you’ve been. Love you with all my heart 💕

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