Next Indian Girl…?

Kakao doesn’t as boring as BBM πŸ˜† The emoticons are so cute and expressive πŸ™‚

But i wont talk about this application. Though it will be a little fun to get you all know it. But if you use a smartphone, install it and don’t forget to adding me :mrgreen: Beside i’m not Kakao’s staff either πŸ™„

So i meet some other people. And all of them are guys, but mostly were so boring πŸ˜† I wonder why i can’t have girl friends in Kakao except Ojin πŸ˜› Because it will be nice to have some Kpopers friends πŸ˜€ So Kpopers, add me!! πŸ˜†

What makes me wonder is not just about the guys, but how could every one are from India 😯 ? Hmm, i guess it’s because only Indian people are using Kakao wkwkwk~

Actually the reason why almost all Indian guys chat with me, is because they think i am an Indian girl too. Well, some of them are say that kekeke~ They not only said my name are like Indian name, but my face like Indian girl too. Means i’m beautiful! And everyone know India have so much beautiful girl right? And i’m so proud to be one of them hahaha :mrgreen:

By the way, i can’t finish Mr. Destiny yet and i’m not really productive this month. Everyone keep asking me when i will publish the full story, but i have no replied their comment πŸ˜† I wish they can wait me a little longer hehehe… #SorryReaders

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