Destiny to Catch Me

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Finally i writing this. After download the newest MV from my lovely TVXQ and get into that song, i wonder if i can make some realistic review πŸ˜† Because i really love them, and everything about them always good for me so far πŸ˜€

Actually i don’t have anything to describe this song, especially the video πŸ™„

Their costumes may not be the best after all, even look weird. Especially when they combine their hand and moving, i’m a bit scared at first time i see it. Except the formal look at one set, i don’t like their fashion in here, so lets pass it πŸ™‚

I love every dance move, the mirror dance are amazing. I love the instrument. Really catchy πŸ™‚ In fact, they in formed as five, which mean need all member to be perfect. But you can see how much HoMin grown up since ten years pass. They become into strong individuals who actually could just stand alone. I remembered since TVXQ split in 2009, many people don’t believe if HoMin can maintain their position as Legend of Kpop. And many people forget that a legend is not those who can keep their status, but those who can stand up no matter how many storms ahead. Sorry out of topic πŸ˜†

So i love this song, and of course love HoMin more than everything πŸ™‚ and i bet you to listen this song too. The best part of this song is on the reff at 01:39 second when Yunho voice dominate this part “Gajima… han madil motanda, i baboya. Naega waeeee i baboman bwasseul kka? Cham motnan neol…” See the full lyrics here.

Catch Me is a dance song with trendy electronic sound and fancy orchestra tune, balancing the beat and the melody. This song also write a variety of side shows the unique appearance of TVXQ that will make you feel addicted to hear it again and again :mrgreen:

Another song i love in this album is the sweet ballad song “Destiny“, where Changmin and Yunho exchange and ad-lib melody with subtle πŸ™‚ In this song too, you will not be aware if Yunho only served as a rapper before. Just like when he singing the soundtrack song “How Can I” Yunho successfully provide other colors for his baritone voice. For me it’s wonderful :mrgreen:

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