[Recap Shim Ji Ho] Frozen Flower

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I guess i’m too diligent for make up my promise for watching Frozen Flower to seen Shim Ji Ho 😀

My opinion about him still same. He just too cute to be true ❓ no, i’m kidding. His not that cute, his HOT!! 😆 Seung Gi (Shim Ji Ho) was a bodyguard who get jealous at chief bodyguard Hong Lim (Jong In Seong), King Boyfriend. To get the King attention, Seung Gi willing to kill without mercy. If before i hate his character, now i’m crazy to see him kill more people hahahahaha XD

So i watch Frozen Flower only to see him, but i can’t focus at all because Ji Ho part only slightly and the XXX scene is too much. Actually, i’m okay with bed scene, i mean after watch it more than two times i will not shock anymore, moreover that scene has become its own needs in several film 😀

There’s just something that annoying me so much. At one side, i’m okay with some same-sex relationship like YunJae and KaiMin, can’t deny their love looks more innocent and fragile 🙂 But this King relationship scares me. It’s definitely not love (of course it’s not, They are not YunJae). It’s just about how to satisfy his lust. And i’m totally disgusted at him 👿

In fact i never like Ju Jin-Mo. For some reason i can’t understand, every movie he played seemed odd to me. Seems like he ruined the whole movie set. Not because his ugly or cannot act, because hi didn’t, that’s why he can manages to provoke feelings of sympathy and hatred of the viewer at the same time. Yet he is a good actor, and good looking too 😀 But like what i said, i don’t understand why and i just don’t like him.

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