Lyrics Romanji English Translation

Haruman nibangui chimdaega dwegoshipo
Oh baby
Deo dasuhi pogunhi nae pume gamssa ango jaeugo shipo
Aju jagun dwichogimdo
noui joguman sogsagime
Nan ggumsogui gwemurdo I gyonae borir thunde.

Naega obnun noui haru
oddohge hulloganun gonji
Narur ormana saranghanunji
nan nomuna gunggumhande
Noui jagun sorab sogui
irgijangi dwego shipo
Al su obnun noui gubimirdo
Nae mamsoge damadullae no mollae.

Haruman noui goyangiga dwegoshipo
oh baby
Niga junun mainun uyowa buduroun nipumaneso
Umjiginun jangnanedo noui gweyoun ibmachume
Nado mollae jirthurur nuggigo issona bwa.

Nae maumi iron goya
Nobaggen bor su obnun goji
Nugurur bwado odi issodo
Nan noman barabojanha
Dan haruman aju chinhan
noui aeini dwego shipo
Noui jarangdo ddaeron thujongdo
da durur su issur thunde
Nor wihae

In my heart in my soul
nayege sarangiran Ajig osaeghajiman uh uh babe
Isesang modun gor noyege jugoshipo

Nae maumi iron goya
jigyo bor suman issodo
Nomu gamsahae manhi haengboghae
na jogumun bujoghaedo
Onjeggaji noui gyothe
yoniuro igo shipo
Norur nae pume gadug anun chae
gudoboryossomyon shipo


Just for one day I would like to be the bed in your room
oh baby
I want to hold you in my chest more warmly
I want to know you a little more
through your smallest whispers
I would even win against the monsters in your dreams

For days of my life you aren’t in,
how do I pass them by?
I am so curious
of how much you love me
I want to become a page
in the diary in your small drawer
To fill my feelings with
your unknown secrets

Just for one day I would like to be your kitten
oh baby
While staying in your soft bosom, enjoying the delicious milk you give
While I move around playing
I must have unknowingly felt jealousy inside your cute kisses

My feelings are like this,
something you cannot see on the outside
No matter who I look at or where I am,
you are the only one I see
Just for one day
I want to be your close lover
I would hear all your
boastings and complaints
For you

In my heart, in my soul
Although this love is still a bit clumsy,
it is everything in the world, I want to give it to you,
even if in my dreams

My feelings are like this,
and even if I can only watch
I am so thankful, I am very happy
Even if I come short a bit,
until whenever by your side
I want to be stay you lover
I want to freeze in time

with you held against my chest


Kor: music.daum.net
Rom: jpopasia.com
Eng: jpopasia.com
Color Coded Lyrics: themay7658 at jktasian.wordpress.com, colorcodedlyrics.com

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