[Lyrics] H.O.T. Since You’ve Gone

Since You’ve Gone


ee ruh keh keu deh gah nal buh ryuh ssuh
duh nan been jah ree ehn
nah wee heh
wee roh hah
keu den dalm eun bool bee chee

neh mam eul al goh ee neun guh chuh ruhm
nuh moo seul puh boh yuh
ah nee yah keu nyuh neun
nal duh nan geh ah nee yah

nuh lah soo gah uhb suh
weh neh kyuh cheul duh nah~ keen nuh doom so keu roh neh geh~ baby~

ahn nyuhng eul mal eul moteh nuhl boh myuhng no no no no no no nah heh meh ee nah nal duh nah jee mah ~ ah peum~

nuh doh al jahn ah

keu dehl duh nah boh nehl soo uhb suh suh nuh roh een heh sarang eul heng bok eul beh wuh neun deh
ee luh buh reen ah peun eul gah reu chyuh joo ryuh hah nah neh kyuh eul ee jeh duh nah ryuh hah nah
hah jee man nuhl ee jeul soo ee neun guhn keu ree wuh hah neun guhn nuh eh deh han gee uhk nuh wah nah eh choo uhk ee ee gee eh ah!

nan gwehn chahn ah ee jehn
keu ree oom doh nan keu chee yah~ You took my heart and tore it apart~ but baby you are still in my heart~


nuh uhb neun neh mah eum eul nuh moo guh juhng hah jee mah
nan bol soo ee suh
oh~ yeah~ chee neh doo noon man kam eu myuhn~



Kang Ta: You threw me away like this, Departed, in the empty chair, For me for my appreciation, The light resembling you.
Hee Jun: You look so sad like you know my heart, no she didn’t leave me. I can’t figure you out.

Kang Ta: Why did you leave my side?

Hee Jun: Inside the long darkness, for me (baby)

Kang Ta: I can’t say goodbye, as I look at you I wander.

Hee Jun: Don’t leave me, my pain

Kang Ta: I know by you.

Woo Hyuk: I couldn’t send you away, I learned love and happiness from you, Are you going to teach my lost pain, are you going to leave my side now, but to forget you, I yearn for your memories, memories of you and I is there ah!

Tony: I’m fine now, I’m going to stop yearning, You took my heart and tore it a part but (baby)

Hee Jun: You still in my heart.

Kang Ta: I can’t say goodbye, As I look at you I wander.

Hee Jun: Don’t leave me, my pain.

Kang Ta: My heart without you, Don’t worry too much now, I can see, If you close your eyes.


Credit: Aheeyah.com

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