[Lyrics] H.O.T. Line Up!

Line Up!



KT: han ma di ye do eop si

char ra peo ri go nae in saeng chom pa ggweo choo o


TY: geu dae deur pa ra neun keot si ra myeon

mar char teud neun Puppet ka dwi do choh ah


KT: jja noh eun kak pon tae ro geu reoh ke

eo di han peon char toe na chi gyeo pop si da


WH: Ow! Uh! Yeah! Here comes the H.O.T

I’m not, not not not, I’m not a fool, Sock it H.O.T


HJ: nar peo ri get chyo

geu reoh chyo mong ttang sseur eo peo ri get chyo

han sim han kkyo ra chi deur koo che poor neung ah ra go


WH: cha gi deur kat ee

char nan sa ram toe ra go

eo jjeo chyo ceo jjeo go chi chi go jja chi go ddeo deur eo dae neun kkeop te gi deur


TY: nan keu ge sir eo

ha na do po go pae oor keot ee eop neun keu rae deur chae mi eop seo eop seo


WH: cha sin eur pa ra pwa mo doo ddok kat eun keu gi eui cheot ka rak haeng chin ir ppoon ee ya Uh!



TY: gong soo rae! gong soo ge!

pa ram cheo reom poo chir eop neun keot

wae da deur keu reoh ke

chap chi do mot har keot ko it na

KT: kong soo rae! gong soo geo!

geo poom cheo reom sa geu reo chir keot teur

yok sim eur peo ri go ha neur eur pwa

geu rae reur ko ryo po neun noon ee neu ggyo chi neun ka!


TY: neon ka ggeum na eh ge

wae geu ri mit pa dak eur ki myeo sa neu nyeo go

cheo chir ee ra go ddae ron poor ssang ha na go

geu reon noon eu ro woo~


JW: po chi ma chyeo da po chi ma! wae!

wae ni gi choon po da seo neo ga chi mo cha ra myeon ha deung in kan in ka

dae geu ri dae che geu gi choon peop eun noo ga man teur eop neun ka


KT: cheor mang kwa han soom pakk eh

na ga seum sok eh nam neun keon eop seot chi

o chik ee ddang eh nae ga sar ah nam kwa da reun

nar chach ko sip eot seo!


WH: H.O.T Bomb! (x2)


HJ: gae gae moo eun kweon wi myeong eh wa don kwa

yok sim man eun keot teur pa ggweo ya hae

cha gi geot man ar ko nam eun chit par ko


TY: da nae ggeo

WH: da nae ggeo

TY: Ir (1) deung ah ni myeon ta an toen ta neun saeng kak ee

HJ: Ee (2) teung poo deo go gae deur chi do ma


WH: ee che mo deun koor re

peot eo na go sip eo

soom mak hyeo


(yeor mat chweo) JW: moo cho geon eok che ha go da geu chi go

(yeor mat chweo) JW: nak o ha myeon peo rim pad ko

(yeor mat chweo) WH: mo deun kae seong teur eun char ra peo ryeo

(yeor mat chweo) WH: Ah!


All: mo doo ga

ggoom kko eot teon se sang eo neu noo goo do

chi pae ha ge door soo eop seo

in kan eur chae neun ki choon kwa chat tae neun mo doo eop seo chyeo peo ryeo uh





(((“IMF let us realize that the moral code we have in our society is the ‘line up’ and ‘no individualism’. The typically fixed definitions of the ‘line’ are the anti-cultural terms not allowing the ‘failure’ and ‘getting off track,’ as well as forcing ‘oppression’ and ‘no individualism’. The hidden meaning of the song Line Up! is to escape from this typical vision of ‘chopstick-like no individualism-oriented society’ and create our own world. The ‘chick’ that symbolizes ‘resurrection’ on the album cover suggests the idea for a ‘hope for a new life'” [Source: HOT official homepage, paraphrased.])))

A) Without a word of warning, just cut it off and change my life.
It’s okay to be an obedient ‘puppet’ if that’s what you guys want.
Let’s see how well it goes based on the script you guys have written.

Bridge) Uh! Yeah! Here comes the H.O.T.
I’m not not, not, not I’m not a fool, Sock it H.O.T.

Rap 1) You will dump me, right? Wipe everything away, right? Because we are pathetic
idiots and hopeless kids, because you want us to be as remarkable as yourselves-
Whatever, whatever, babbling, talkative shells.
I- don’t like that. There is nothing to learn from you all, it’s no fun, no-
Look at yourself, it’s only a march of equal-sized chopsticks, uh!

Chorus) Come empty! Return empty! It is meaningless as a wind. Why is everyone
pursuing something they cannot catch?
Come empty! Return empty! It will pop like a bubble. Throw away the greed and look at
the sky. Can’t you feel the eyes that stare menacingly at you!

Song & Rap 1) You sometimes say to me, why do I live groveling on the bottom floor,
that I’m a lowlife, and sometimes that I’m pathetic, woo~
Don’t look, don’t stare! Why! Why is it that if I’m 3 or 4 things below your standard, I
become a lowlife-
Gee, like geez, who made that standard law?

D part) There was nothing left in my heart other than despair and sigh
I just wanted to live in this land and find myself that is different from the others.

Song & Rap 2) Archaic power, fame and money and greedful things must be changed.
You only know what’s yours, you trample on others- everything’s mine- everything’s mine-
The idea that you can’t be anything else but first, anything from 2nd, don’t even lift your head up-
I want to escape from all the bridle now- I’m suffocating.-

Break) Absolutely oppress and nag
If fail, be dumped
Cut off all the individuality!

Bridge 2) The world everyone has been dreaming of, it can’t be allowed to be ruled by
anyone else.
Forget all the standards and measurements that measure people, uh-

Chorus) Come empty! Return empty! It is meaningless as a wind. Why is everyone
pursuing something they cannot catch?
Come empty! Return empty! It will pop like a bubble. Throw away the greed and look at
the sky.
Can’t you feel the eyes that stare menacingly at you!


Full Credit: Aheeyah.com

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