[Lyrics] H.O.T. All Alone

All Alone


sae ga dwi eo seo nar soo it na cheo ha neur eur


nae ga eo ryeot seur kkae

se sang eh hon cha nam kyeo chin chae

nae chak eun eo ggae eh sar eur chir eo chi go sar eot seo

geur reoh ke cha rat seo

ha chi man koor pok ha chi an ko na reur po at seo

eon che na noon moor ro go peun pae reur chae weot seot ko

ee go dong ar ah choor sa ram eop seot ko

se sang ee sir eot seo ha neur eur oo neo mang haet seo

geu reoh ke na eui sar eur sar ah gat seo

se weor ee heur ra hak kyo eh ga ge doen na

haeng pok eui si chak ee ra saeng kak han na

gi ppeum to cham si ppoon

mo doo ga na reur moo si haet ko

geu char nan seon saeng cho cha na reur sir eo haet ko

geu keot cham ppeon haett chi

nan ton ee eop seot chi heung!

ppeon peon haet chi

ha chi man se sang ee mo doo ga geu reoh chin an ah



cheo ha neur eur

nar soo it da myeon

nae son eur

chap ah choor soo it ta myeon

cha yoo rop ke

ggoom kkoor soo it ta myeon

geu reoh ke

ee roor soo ga it ta myeon


yeo gi seo ee reoh ke sseu reo chi neun ka

ra peo doong chyeo deo so yong eop neun ka wae

ak ee pan eur chi neun

chi seon eun eop neun chi

cheong mar ro mweo gat eun se sang ee ya

sar ah it neun ee sang

pi cham han hyeon sir sok eh

na moo reup kkoor eo ya ha na


(foreground whisper)

geu reoh chi an ah

choo wi reur toor reo pwa

neor wi hae chong ee oor ri go

it chan ah

heui mang eui chong ee

heui mang eui Song

ee reoh ke neor wi hae


(background whisper)

meo chi an ah mi chyeo peo rir neo moo na gip eun sang cheo

eo doom sok eh gach hyeo it chan

ah geu ri go ah doong pa doong keo ri go it neun mo dwup ee reoh ke neor wi hae


geu rae na yeo gi seo ee reoh ke sseu reo chi chi an ah

nae mor ee mach na?)

eor ma nam chi an eun ka ppeun soom ee na eui teok eh pa chyeo do

nae ga sseu reo chyeo do

mweo ni meo ni hae do Money ga choe go ra go mar ha neun neo heui deur eun mweo ni

geu reoh ke char nat ni

do dae che wae geu reo neun ke ni ggok pa ro por soo eop ni

neon cheong mar mo reu get ni

mo deun ke Irony

Tony? Power, Money mo doo shoong yo hae

sa ram deur eun geu keor wi hae yang sim par ah meok eot ko pi keop hae ee chen chok hae

geu choe gap seur chi reo ya get seo





Intro) Can I be a bird and fly the sky-.

Rap 1) When I was young and left alone in the world, my narrow shoulders had to carry the burden of life-.
I had to live like that-.
I had to grow like that-.
But I didn’t surrender and looked at myself-.
My starved stomach I filled with tears and no one knew my affliction at all-.
I hated the world, I blamed the sky-.
I lived my life on like that-.
Time passed and I went to school-.
I hoped it would be the start of happiness-. But
happiness was short and everyone ignored me-.
Even that stuck up teacher hated me-.
It was obvious, I had no money-. Ha! I was rude-.
But the world isn’t all like that-.

Chorus) If I could fly in that sky above-.
If someone could hold my hand-.
If I could dream freely,
If only it would come true-.

Rap 2) Are you going to collasp here-. No use to struggle-. Why does evil rule, why is there no good-.
Really it’s a beep like world-. Living fantasy-.
I had to grovel under the wretched reality-.
No, it’s not always like that-. Look around you-.
A bell is chiming for you-.
A bell of hope, a song of hope for you not long off-.
A scar so deep, it’s trapped in the darkness-.
And your struggling form-.
For you, I’m here standing straight-. (Am I right?)
Even though my short panted breath supports my chin even if I founder-.

Bridge Rap) Who are you that say that when all is said and done, money is the best.
What is so great about you-.
Why on earth are you doing that-. Can’t you see straight-.
Do you really not know-. Everything ..Irony..(Tony?) Power Money is all important-.
People sold their conscience for it-.
It’s unfair are you satisfied now-.
You have to pay for your crime-.


Outro) Can you become a bird-. Can you fly in that sky-.


Credit: Aheeyah.com

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