The Light Of My Life ..

Maher Zain…

How can I describe the meaning of his figure in my eyes? I do not know him, but I know he is one of my favorite singers. But what makes it different from the others, he was able to grab me from the darkness. Gave me a lantern in order to keep the step.

For me he was like a dim candle light in the darkness. His songs contain infinite praise to Allah SWT. Unknowingly guided me slowly towards the right path.

Heart, mind and soul had closed. Presented with this song every day, initially I was ashamed to sing the name of Allah, was not entitled to his croonng asthma after all the sins that I do for this. But the lyrics in some his songs there are sentences that made me uncomfortable with my life. I felt it was time to go forward into His mercy.

One song that makes my heart tremble when hearing is open your eyes. So far I’ve ignored the favors of Allah, away from Him, and reneged on all the teachings of the prophet. Then I realized, during this favor that is given to me incessantly.

How proud I am, how embarrassing it boasts what I have now when it was all merely mandate. How I forget who my Creator, who is the creator of the universe.

Now I began to stop asking about his existence, and began to question myself.

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